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Yamaha TDM900 2002 - 2015 set of Ferodo front brake pads added to cart
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Yamaha TDM900 2002 - 2015 set of Ferodo front brake pads

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ECO-Friction -

Excellent braking performance for scooters and maxi-scooters. A high and constant friction level, from 0 to 400 degrees, guarantees extreme reliability and reduced stopping distances.

  • Excellent pad life
  • Prolonged disc life
  • Does not compromise safety as with other lower cost alternatives
  • Suitable for stainless steel and cast iron discs
  • Superior performance in wet conditions

Sintergrip Road -

Manufactured using a full-metal compound that is the world leader in sintered technology. For use with stainless steel discs only, SinterGrip Road brake pads offer reduced corrosion, three times the pad life of competitive organic products & 20% less disc wear, compared with other sintered compounds. Equal performance in wet & dry conditions.

  • Copper-coated backplate allows for highest mechanical bonding possible between friction material and backplate, as well as reduced corrosion
  • Highest coefficient of friction available in an aftermarket road friction material
  • Advanced composition friction material creates much less brake drag compared to other HH brand pads allowing for reduced thermal build up and longer life
  • 20% less rotor wear than competitive sintered compounds

CP211 -

The non-asbestos organic racing pad provides the best performance and modulation needed by the world's top racers

  • Highest friction level available for racing.
  • Stable friction  level for excellent modulation.
  • Fast bedding-in period.
  • For use with stainless and cast iron discs.


Ferodo Array Cooling XR pads are made from the XRAC compound, an evolution of the highly successful XR range that has been used in top-level racing for several years. The unique array cooling concept also means that the pads run at lower temperatures than conventionally featured pads, keeping brake fluid at a lower temperature. The result is reduced smearing and extended pad life.

  • Increased pad bite.
  • Improved resistance to high-temperature fade.
  • Higher friction coefficient.
  • Consistent performance throughout the life of the pad.
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