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Optimate 4 battery charger 12V / 1A

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OptiMate 4 Dual Program includes two charging programs - program 1 is for direct charging of a battery, program 2 allows safe and unsupervised charging through a BMW motorcycle’s CAN-bus controlled 12V socket. 

OptiMate 4 Dual Program tests before & after charging and can recover a ‘dead-flat’ battery from as low as 0.5 Volts. 

For BMW owners the Optimate 4 Dual Program features a selectable CAN-bus program to charge through your accessory socket with the optional socket adaptor (not included).


  • Default program recovers, charges, tests and maintains the battery through the CAN-bus controlled 12V socket with the optional accessories.
  • 2nd CAN-bus program features KEYLESS activation program guarantees automatic re-opening of the connection even with the ignition not turned on. 
  • 10 second test at connection indicates your battery condition, a quick and easy ‘ride meter’ that will determine if you are ready to go or will have to charge the battery first.
  • OptiMate 4’s proven multi stage desulfation program saves neglected batteries (as low as 0.5V) that other chargers can't.
  • Multi step program, that includes a unique cell voltage balancing step, guarantees the fastest and most complete charge.
  • OptiMate 4 will maintain your battery safe and ready-to-go for months on end, with the extremely effective “charge and rest” maintenance program.
  • Hourly battery condition tests monitors the battery and the current drain by the vehicle circuitry; a problem is indicated on an easy to understand light display.
  • 10 second test at connection for a more hands on diagnosis of battery condition.


  • Safe for 12V lead-acid batteries AGM / MF, Standard & GEL batteries
  • 2Ah to 75Ah rated capacity
  • Fully automatic program control microprocessor with 6 stages
  • Reverse drain current less than 0.5mA
  • Output current (bulk charge 1A)
  • Automatic desulfation 2 stages (recovery and Turbo-recovery)
  • Charge time limit 48 hours (maintenance time: unlimited)
  • Maintain / test cycles 30 min/30 min (alternating hourly)
  • Charge retention test range: 12.0 - 12.6V. GOOD (green) = battery voltage > 12.6V
  • Size 200 x 75 x 61mm
  • Wall mounting easy direct wall mounting
  • Input cable length 2m
  • Output cable length 2m
  • Operation temperature range From -40°C&F to 40°C/104F
  • 3 year warranty
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